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what is the sketchbook conspiracy

remember those creative writing games they had in school? ya know, the ones where you had to partner up with a friend and you take it in turns to write a story together but doing so by alternating the writing of a sentence or a paragraph between the two of you, one at a time? this is exactly like that.. except there's some artwork thrown in as well.

and it's all done online.


*tap tap tap*

is this still on? =]

carrying on and such

so hey guys..

things have been pretty radio silent on my end lately on account of the grunt hunt event that i had going on and all but rest assured that my attentions and energy will be returning to this particular endeavor. in particular, round2 is going to be ramping up soon and that requires some prepwork. but anyway, i've been a little too busy with that particular event/project to chase people down/enforce deadlines lately. fortunately though people have been good enough to keep me apprised of what's going on with them:

less filling
foomf was running late and rather than stall the progression of the next artist, informed the next artist (bryce) what's going on enough that he can start his own page. and, of course, alanis morisette brand irony occurs and they both wind up having scanner issues. hrm...

home brew
team uzi is stalled on the script but has started again and will be producing soon. soonish.


in other news, i have been approached by someone who has come across our community and our little project. she has a request:


I'm not sure how to make this message not sound too out of the blue, so bear with me. I'm a writer and researcher for a group of writers working on a speculation script for a independent superhero comic and we need some artists. I noticed your community and was wondering if you or a few someones out there would be interested in helping out. It's spec, so it's sadly not paid work unless we sell the thing, but it would likely be good portfolio work for a student.

If you know someone (or even if you don't so I can eliminate this lead) can you please contact me?

Thank you
if you're interested in this opportunity, i can send you her email address. i'm not posting it here for fear of it getting indexed by spambots. sounds like something that could totally lead to something bigger. so let me know.

A proposal for improved comics

While the current jam process is fun, and enjoyable, reading the results leaves something to be desired. The problem, as i see it, is that there's no goal towards which we're all moving the story. Random things happen, then more random things happen, repeat until we run out of pages.

My proposal is this: Future comic jams should have a predefined goal and at least a basic idea of who or what is going to be involved in the pursuit of that goal. Some details are good, but obviously we'd like to keep this pretty open.

The idea struck me whilst reading about "How to be a Successful Evil Overlord"

I think that the first shot at this comic jam implementation should be as follows:
Create a comic that incorporates the following elements:
1) There is an evil overlord. He is smart, and has read and implemented "How to be a successful evil overlord".
2) One or more "heroes" shall attempt to overthrow and / or thwart the evil overlord and his plans.

Everything else is up to the participants. Maybe we're rooting for the Hero(es). Maybe we're rooting for the Overlord. Maybe the Hero(es) are typical movie hero(es) who would have quite a hard time dealing with an evil overlord with more than 2 brain cells and a limited ego. Maybe they're smart too. Maybe the evil plan is to control the world supply of Pop-Tarts(TM) or to reap billions at the risk of worldwide starvation by controlling the supply of genetically engineered grains to countries with big pots of money.

Regardless of how / where the story goes, I'm thinking that giving it a few more guidelines will help make the resulting product much more enjoyable.

Home Brew Page 13, Tastes Great Cover

from the site:

Thanks to contributor curlybrace, Home Brew has now completed page 13 of its comic jam. The new and improved team uzi (now featuring new conspirator masukomi) is now up, with a deadline of May 5, 2008.

Now that their cover page is done, Tastes Great is now officially done. Thanks to archmage for tackling this comic jam coup de grace with a collage featuring each of the major players, both character- and contributor-wise.

Round 2 of The Sketchbook Conspiracy will begin mid-May.
at 10:43 am on april 21, sketchbook conspiracy contributor mizziness gave birth to a baby boy. gabriel weighed in at a healthy 5 pounds and 15 ounces and can be seen here. mom and little one are doing fine.

yay, tammy!


Tastes Great comic title

as mentioned last post, tastes great is now working on the cover of their 'book'. as archmage and i discussed it, the sketchbook conspiracy would so obviously be the publisher of the three books/comic jams and, as such, would have a publisher's imprint on the page. now, as "tastes great", "less filling" and "home brew" aren't so much names for the story put together as it is a name for the collective writer/artist team that made each book, we're left without a name for the story each of the factions has been working on (the obvious exception here is home brew since theirs was already given the title, "i roll ones", on their first page).

so, what do you think should be the name or title that spans the cover of the tastes great comic?

Tastes Great Page 22

from the site:

With only the cover page remaining, Tastes Great is done.

Thanks to contributor cobie, this faction has had its final page completed. As a reprieve from doing any more original art (as most people are about ready to just take a break and then start a new thing entirely), rather than do a vote for who should do the cover page, contributor archmage has been asked to put together a collage of the various works that contibuted to this one comic jam.

It's been a wild ride.
first of all, my apologies.

life has been crazy busy lately (as some of you may already know and as the dearth of substantial posts in my personal journal would indicate) and side projects like this one have fallen to the wayside due to work, taxes and other such immediate priorities. granted, a lot of what i do for this one is to merely post stuff up, make updates to the site, make announcements and chase people down.. that's a lot to do when you've already got plenty on your plate. so hopefully this month of inactivity for the project (march saw only one update) will be the only major lapse we'll experience and we'll be back on track moving forward.

(that said, don't expect my final page for my comic jam to be more than a big ole splash page. =P )

from the site:

Tastes Great gets its penultimate page up, thanks to the contributor team team swan. Now up to bat for this final page is cobie, with a deadline of April 24, 2008. The wrapping up of this faction's comic jam (including cover page details) will commence shortly.

Less Filling starts in on its volunteer round with foomf tackling their twentieth page (due by April 24, 2008). Volunteers are still needed to finish off this final round for this faction.

Over in Home Brew, contributor mizziness has taken a pass (owing to being in her final trimester), thereby passing the torch to curlybrace and imparting a deadline of April 24, 2008. Afterward will come team uzi, ver 3.0.

another new conspirator

please welcome new conspirator masukomi!

masukomi will be teaming up with thegrambler for round2 but may possibly join forces sooner as a replacement for papermule in this run's team uzi. (papermule, unfortunately, is no longer part of the project.)

to date, the most updated list of contributors for round2 include:

  • dbrycegh
  • felisdemens (+ illumina, maybe)
  • foomf
  • tarq
  • guaharibo
  • mizziness
  • the doyle + rivqah
  • archmage + cobie
  • thegrambler + masukomi
  • trunkbutt
  • kirkjerk
  • ninjiz
we're still at 12 total contributors (but with a total number of 16 conspirators). again, if you know anyone interested in coming along for the ride, please let me know.

also, i think i'm going to go ahead and split the 12 into two factions already (as opposed to waiting for us to reach the critical mass of 14). i may be putting up a roster soonish.
from the site:

The Sketchbook Conspiracy website is in the midsts of a great big overhaul. If you're wondering why there have been great big delays to the progression of the three comic jams, that'd be part of the reason why. As the site was never meant to scale to include more than the (originally planned) one comic jam, the bulk of the changes have occurred behind the scenes. More noticeable changes can be found in the more robust contributors page, which now links specific comic jam pages to their individual contributors. Another such change appears in the masthead above, providing a link to "the sketchy community" on LiveJournal.com, a place where contributors and the like can discuss comic jam-related happenings and muse over the experience together. Additionally, the page that leads to the individual comics themselves has been streamlined quite a bit and will hopefully accommodate a little more information as it pertains to the individual jams themselves.

Other changes are afoot and will no doubt go live in time for the kick-off of the next round of the skc.

In other news..

Tastes Great gets its twentieth page up, thanks to the combined efforts of team lean. Now up to bat for this volunteer round is team swan, with a deadline of March 18, 2008. Up next will probably be contributor cobie again, bringing this particular comic jam to a close. Nominations for cover artist will happen shortly.

Home Brew gets its twelfth page done, thanks to team ire. In the hot seat now is contributor mizziness, with a deadline of March 18, 2008. Afterward will come contributor curlybrace.

current deadlines/lineups:

Tastes Greatvolunteer round
cobie > archmage > team lean > team swanmar18 > team soap

Less Filling
guaharibo > foomf > tarq > dbrycegh > kirkjerk > guaharibo > tarqfeb22

Home Brew
team uzi > curly brace > team uzi > team selenetic > team ire > mizzinessmar18 > curly brace


the sketchbook conspiracy livejournal community
The Sketchbook Conspiracy

what is the sketchbook conspiracy?

remember those creative writing games they had in school? ya know, the ones where you had to partner up with a friend and you take it in turns to write a story together but doing so by alternating the writing of a sentence or a paragraph between the two of you, one at a time? this is exactly like that.. except there's some artwork thrown in as well.

and it's all done online.

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